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Stand up Paddleboard


Z. Alexander Brown ~ Uncaged

A Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015, Northern California Coastal winery. The owl is a guardian of the vine, and myths say it is present when the spirit is set free. The Uncaged bird is a solitary and nocturnal bird with his disc face that sees you within 270 degrees. Their 14 vertebrae allow them to do this as well as the size of their eyes. The size of their eyes is disproportionate compared to their skulls. Will he see you? Of course he will, and he will escape with the silent flap of his wings. Enjoy.

Grape Leaves Food Truck

They pride themselves on being the first Lenanese food truck in San Antonio. They will also cater your special occasion or lunch for your office. They serve Shawarma, Falafel, Chicken tawook, and Sojok adding to that Hummus grape leaves, cheese wrap and many other.


Sitting in the Dr office today, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful set of twins. And they were dressed exactly alike! I had always wanted to be a twin for just that reason. What a joy!

Bob & Timmy’s Pizza Food Truck

An authentic pizza truck, Bob & Timmy's on Wheels specializes in grilled pizza. They also serve pasta, desserts and salads! Made with the freshest ingredients on a grill!

PepperJack Barossa Red


KIS Food Truck - Southern Soul


The Lonestar Food Truck


B-Daddy’s Texas BBQ - Food Truck

Is that a truck or train? Beautiful graphics and even better barbecue.

What’s for lunch?

There’s a food truck parked outside today.
I wonder what they offer?
It’s Benjie’s munch truck, comfort food to coffer.
They feature weekly comforts from around the world.

Künstler Brewing, Southtown San Antonio

Of the first group I liked the Hawaiian Fog IPA and of the second group I liked the Belgian Sichuan.

We tried out a newer establishment on St. Patty's Day. The Künstler Brewery in Southtown San Antonio. I love this area of town it's not far from a street called Arsenal and just off the bike path you can ride on to tour the missions along the San Antonio River. That's another blog I'll have to post pics from last year's Mission bike trip, I highly recommend it, but maybe before you hit the brewery. This would be a great landing spot.

You walk in and are greeted to a wall length bar with several unmarked spigots against a backdrop splashed in color as bright as your favorite sunset. Your focus goes right to the metal artwork of a heart in the center inferring that it is the heart of the business. The walls are adorned with artwork, there is a deck of cards at the bar and because you are in San Antonio a respectful Sacred Heart of Jesus candle. Again, referencing a p…

CHLOE Red No. 249 2015

From the North Coast of California named after an ancient word that means “blooming”. It is a melange of espresso and dark fruits.

The complex blend is savory. I am making pasta with chicken pesto to go with it and a side of broccoli.

Tanqueray a London Dry Gin

I usually choose a Tanqueray, its an affordable bottle of gin.
But when I want to feel blarney and talk the wee hours away.
I choose a special botanical mix that's made in an old fashioned way.

There is no one in the office today...

I'm wearing green today because it is St. Patrick's day tomorrow. A little festive for the office.
Every year I celebrate by making the traditional Reuben sandwich. I  buy a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Pumpernickel bread, because I grew up with that. I have found a new love of Boar's Head Sauerkraut packaged in the bag, corned beef and Swiss cheese all from my local HEB. The funny thing is that I love this sandwich, but I only make it one time a year, which makes it special and longed for. Perhaps because it is messy or just to keep it a tradition. Not sure this is a meal for wine, I'm going with a Stella Artois! This might just be a weekend for beer.

March Madness predictions...

My pick is Villanova.

Food Trucks circa 1962 and Slider Provider Food Truck

Watching a Netflix show called Marseille I learned that the first 3 cities to have pizza trucks were Marseille, Naples and New York City in 1962.I've heard of chuck-wagons in Texas even farther back. But, nothing like the craze of the current food trucks that are sweeping the nation. Its no longer only pizza, we have one parked outside my place of work everyday. I'm going to start recording some of the visitors we get. For more info on Slider Provider check out their website:

Leap First - Overview - Creating Work that Matters by Seth Godin

Money is a new phenomenon. Create an economy of connection by changing our story. Our story could be a means of exchange like what was practiced before money.

We are leaving the industrial economy and entering the connection economy. The rules are totally different. Is your goal to be better or safer? Safety is getting harder and harder to find. Better means potential failure, which means risk, which means change. Better means you are going to be judged. We should be comfortable with being judged.

Emotional labor of giving a smile. Is competence scarce? An artist creates human work that has never been done before. Art is not painting, but art is anything we do as a human where we bring emotional labor to the table to make a connection.

Great companies makes change for a living.  IE:  Harley Davidson, they perceive the once outsiders are now insiders. Apple: a group of people that have good taste in digital products.

What does it mean to matter. To take advantage of scarcit…