Road Trip: San Antone to Mpls via Interstate 35

A road trip through the heart land. Interstate highway 35 originates in Laredo, Texas and heads north until it reaches the shores of the great lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. Our road trip on 35 kicked off just north of San Antonio, remember the Alamo!  By the way, if you ever visit San Antonio, remember to visit the Alamo where you can see the re-enactment at the barracks. Never Surrender or Retreat: The Immortal Words of William Barret Travis. San Antonio is celebrating its tricentennial in 2018, 300 years of history celebrated throughout the city. Back to our road trip, this little Honda is carrying myself and my daughter, Frances, to commemorate prior trips made before she could contribute to the drive. Frances is now an adult woman and fully capable of sharing the ride. She is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University and will be attending the A&M Law School in Fort Worth, TX next school year, so not quite contributing to society... but watch out world once she is i…

Lavender in Blanco, Texas

There is a lavender festival in a tiny Texas town just north of where I live. The town of Blanco this time next weekend will be bustling with artists from across the state to partake in this festival celebrating a lovely aromatic herb. Lavender known in abundance to southern France is grown there specifically for the perfume industry. Yet it has health benefits beyond its bouquet. Lavender is what one might consider a wonder herb with several ancient treatments. Have you an abundance of stress? Use lavender in baths, massage oil or in a room diffuser to de-stress, improve your mood, help you sleep well, prevent infections, reduce inflammation, eliminate dandruff, and soothe stomach bloating.

You might be wondering how well lavender grows in South Texas and although it is not native to this region you will have luck. Grow lavender in your garden and you'll be rewarded with colorful flowers and wonderful fragrance from mid May through early July. This low maintenance plant thrives o…

Touring Texas Wineries

There are seven wine regions in Texas, each with an abundance of wineries. Texas is a big state and to cover the entire viticultural area of wineries is a difficult undertaking. Start by choosing a region, research the wineries within them and pick as many as you can fit into a weekend road trip.

Bell Mountain was the first Texas viticultural area and was designated by our Federal government in 1986 as Texas' first wine-growing area (AVA). They have 5 square miles of land in northeast Gillespie County that produces the grapes: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery of Granite Hill lives here. They say, "In 2017, William Chris Vineyards partnered with 100 percent Texas grown wineries and vineyards to form Texas Wine Growers." (Granite Hill Wineries, 2017,

Fredericksburg -- One hundred and ten square miles of wine producing rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country. This is the home of wine road 290. You can research all the wine…