Road Trip: San Antone to Mpls via Interstate 35

A road trip through the heart land. Interstate highway 35 originates in Laredo, Texas and heads north until it reaches the shores of the great lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. Our road trip on 35 kicked off just north of San Antonio, remember the Alamo! 
By the way, if you ever visit San Antonio, remember to visit the Alamo where you can see the re-enactment at the barracks. Never Surrender or Retreat: The Immortal Words of William Barret Travis. San Antonio is celebrating its tricentennial in 2018, 300 years of history celebrated throughout the city.
Back to our road trip, this little Honda is carrying myself and my daughter, Frances, to commemorate prior trips made before she could contribute to the drive. Frances is now an adult woman and fully capable of sharing the ride. She is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University and will be attending the A&M Law School in Fort Worth, TX next school year, so not quite contributing to society... but watch out world once she is in a court room! We did listen to some cold case files on podcasts during our drive.

We flew through Texas without any traffic issues, yes even Austin, TX, was a breeze. We left early on a Saturday, so all those partying on 6th street were just getting home for the night.  If you need an early road trip break I'd make Austin a stop. You have the capitol tour, Barton Springs pool, Sixth Street and a night of bat watching to take in. 

Continuing through Waco, home to Baylor University, you can't miss their new stadium. Football is many a Texans first loves, you know. Then upward to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan center, we chose to take 35W to cross town on the Fort Worth side. Frances claims this as her town now, so we passed by her place.
Fort Worth Water Gardens

Next big metropolitan interchange was Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My turn to drive and I got a little feisty. I almost missed the route on to 35 and accidentally cut off someone, they were determined to teach me a lesson I suppose... sped up to get right next to me and continued to point at me repeatedly mouthing words I dare not repeat... my bad. A cowgirl's gotta get to where she's going.
I made it on to the 35 split off and continued up toward Wichita, Kansas. Passing by Wichita is easy because the Kansas Turnpike strolls by just south of the city center and we continue on the only toll section of I35 with its numbered bridges for 236 miles. There are several rest areas that exit in the center median at the start of the turnpike and Frances and I remember a time we saw lightning start a field fire and another time we had to pull over and take cover from a tornado in a rest stop from one of our preceding road trips. As the turnpike prolongs on through Kansas City, we mentioned that we might make it through the whole of Kansas without seeing a drop of rain! Dry, hot summer days.
On to Kansas City, we were determined to see a performance at the open-air Starlight Theater. Dirty Dancing was playing that night and we could both get in on our student IDs, hee hee, $12.50 each for a show. 
The venue was beautiful as well as the night, but I have to say we had to leave as the show was ruining the movie for us... not to say that their performance was bad, but our regard of the movie is too high.  We were tired to boot, so we scuttled along to find a hotel for the night. And just as we were leaving Kansas to find a hotel, we got a down poor of rain, so to this day we have not passed through Kansas without getting rained on.
There is a short stint through Missouri, then Iowa and on to Minneapolis, MN. I can say we've stopped at one of the covered bridges in Madison County, Iowa and they are quaint. It makes me think of the movie staring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep and I have to smile to think those 2 collaborated professionally.

Now we are getting closer to our destination. We don't make it all the way to the end of the road in Duluth, but pass through Minneapolis and cross the 35W bridge that collapsed on Aug. 1, 2007. It is now built better than ever and takes us across the Mississippi and on to my childhood home in Dayton, MN.

©EmC photographs
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