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Touring Texas Wineries

There are seven wine regions in Texas, each with an abundance of wineries. Texas is a big state and to cover the entire viticultural area of wineries is a difficult undertaking. Start by choosing a region, research the wineries within them and pick as many as you can fit into a weekend road trip.

Bell Mountain was the first Texas viticultural area and was designated by our Federal government in 1986 as Texas' first wine-growing area (AVA). They have 5 square miles of land in northeast Gillespie County that produces the grapes: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery of Granite Hill lives here. They say, "In 2017, William Chris Vineyards partnered with 100 percent Texas grown wineries and vineyards to form Texas Wine Growers." (Granite Hill Wineries, 2017,

Fredericksburg -- One hundred and ten square miles of wine producing rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country. This is the home of wine road 290. You can research all the wine…

MyWineSpill tells you how to clean it up...

Ha, this is my tongue in cheek #DIY explanation on the best way to remove that awful wine spill stain. 
If you have dropped that precious glass of Cabernet on your exquisite ivory Persian rug. Stop, drop and blot using a clean white absorbent material to avoid the possibility of dye transfer and to facilitate visualization of the stain removal process. Since stains transfer to the towel and you have a very short window of time before the stain will set permanently. 
Make sure you do a pretest in an inconspicuous area of the rug or carpet. To do this, dampen with the chemical and leave o for 10 minutes and then blot with a clean white towel. Look for dye transfer on the towel and if there is damage to your rug. If bleeding, color change, or other damage occurs, consult a cleaning expert.
But, since spills are never anticipated have on hand the materials below for a quick homemade solvent that could save your rug.

A homemade recipe for red wine stain removal:Use plain water or mix one ta…

WINESPILL LOGO & Sacred Geometry - The 5 pointed Star

Geometry inspired my Winespill logo. To create a perfect 5 pointed star I used a compass and the markings made were transformed into wine glass spill stains. I chose the star because I live in TX and winespills because they just happen.

How to draw a 5 pointed star with a compass and a straight edge.

Draw a vertical line.Place the needle point in the middle of your line.Draw a perfect circle.Open your compass wide to find the horizontal bisecting points.

Close the compass to the size of the radius.Make a Vesica Piscis from the right horizontal axis. What is a Vesica Piscis you ask? The vesica piscis is the intersection of two congruent disks, each centered on the perimeter of the other.

Bisect the vertical points of the vesica piscis you just created.Place the compass point at the center of the new vesica piscis and open it so that the active end meets the top of the original vertical line where it intersects with your circle.Draw a curved line from the top of the vertical axis of the c…

All About The Grape ~ Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon is considered the King of all grapes. That is why I decided to start this series "All about the grape" with a Cabernet Sauvignon. The cab as it is referred to was first cultivated in Bordeaux, France where they produce some of the most expensive wines in the world. Because it is so versatile cabernet is now grown all over the world. It is the most widely planted red grape and parallels sales to Merlot. California is second to France for producing most of the worlds wine. They came to fame in a world tasting competition held in 1970 and they won.

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown in the region of Bordeaux, France; Tuscany, Italy; Santa Cruz Mountains, Napa Valley, Sonoma Country in California; Australia; and Stellenbosch South Africa. Cabernet Sauvignon started its history with Italy in the Piedmont region. The Italian wines first produced in 1820 were regarded suspiciously, like the new villager, a foreign inf…