The Red Room ~ A California Red

Tonight we opened The Red Room. As describes this red, "... is a blend of three grape varieties (Syrah, Merlot and Zinfandel) grown mainly in California's Lodi region. Lodi is influenced by cool coastal winds coming off the San Francisco Bay and provides warm days and cool nights. It has become a fantastic region for making elegant red wines." 

I found The Red Room to be smooth with a spicy finish and it went well with our red pepper, shallot and pesto sauced fresh pasta. I have to admit though the reason I bought this wine was because of its name. It reminded me of  this scene from The Shinning:

I'm sorry if that scared you, here's another clip of why Stephen King hates the movie...

I've seen the movie and I love it, the book is good too. After watching why Stephen King hates it, tell me if you love it or hate it.


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