Peroni Italian Beer

We came back from an amazing trip to Italy and we converted to Peroni Italian beer. Luckily, our local grocer carried the imported beer. HEB is amazing and anyone not living in South Texas is really missing out, I may be a bit of a local patriot, so I'm sure you have your own fav. The Peroni Brewery was founded in Vigevano in Lombardy, Italy, in 1846. It has been based in Rome since 1864. And Rome is where we started on our once in a life time trip. I have traveled a fair amount, but Italy is my favorite thus far.

For a country with so much history, it has only been a country for a short time. In 2011 it celebrated 150 years. It is often part of an identity that is as regional as it is national. As for Rome, it once ruled the Western World. It is important to remember that Rome is not just a place of the past, but one that lives and breathes and buzzes with Vespas in the here and now.

In the hot summer months, small shops, restaurants and bars close anywhere between two weeks to a month. In the past few years closing periods have been organized in shifts throughout the months of July, August and September, so that any given area will still have enough places open to satisfy tourists and locals alike.

Legends say Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus on April 21, 753 BC. Since that date, the city has acquired more religious monuments than any other city in Europe. The Centro Storico is a maze-like collection of ancient alleyways and Renaissance palaces with the mighty Pantheon at its center. To the south lies Rome's ancient center, encompassing the Foro Romano and the Colosseo. Over the river lies the Vatican City, where San Pietro and the Cappella Sistina are the star attractions. To the north you'll find the Villa Borghese, a magnificent Renaissance palace containing one of the finest private art collections in Italy. With so many gems housed in one city you'll find seeing it all in one visit a feat in itself. But, you can always return, for, as they say, 'all roads lead to Rome'...

Traditional cuisine found on the menu at any trattoria is hearty rather than overly sophisticated. They feature home cooking that is highly dependent on local produce. Pasta sauces can be quite rich, filled with pepper, olive oil and bacon, smothered atop the ubiquitous spaghetti pasta.

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Peroni Italian Beer

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