Leap First - Overview - Creating Work that Matters by Seth Godin

Money is a new phenomenon. Create an economy of connection by changing our story. Our story could be a means of exchange like what was practiced before money.

We are leaving the industrial economy and entering the connection economy. The rules are totally different. Is your goal to be better or safer? Safety is getting harder and harder to find. Better means potential failure, which means risk, which means change. Better means you are going to be judged. We should be comfortable with being judged.

Emotional labor of giving a smile. Is competence scarce? An artist creates human work that has never been done before. Art is not painting, but art is anything we do as a human where we bring emotional labor to the table to make a connection.

Great companies makes change for a living.  IE:  Harley Davidson, they perceive the once outsiders are now insiders. Apple: a group of people that have good taste in digital products.

What does it mean to matter. To take advantage of scarcity- scarcity of people who care, who make something beautiful, care enough to make something that might fail.

Making things. Chemistry kit. All about failing. Mixing things that wouldn't work. No map to create. Horris Mann the inventor of public school, the normal school for teachers to teach the common to be normal.

I love turbulence too! I also loved graphic design and digital imaging, until everyone else learned it and then we had best practices, so now I'm learning about Digital Marketing.

just do it... do work worth doing. Leonard Bernstein: "I'm no longer quite sure what the question is, but I'm quite sure the answer is YES!"  Strain against the standard.

I guess I'm hiding because I believe I don't have the right education... so I'm not making art. I wasn't great in art school, but I always thought anyone could do this you just have to learn how to see or look. Be the best in "your" world at what you do.

held back because of time, money or interest. Make a commitment.

Story telling. The Köln concert, Keith Jarrett- best selling Jazz albums of all time.  (so, as I'm listening to this book I download this LP, I listened to Jazz and I never heard of this album and it is awesome, I'm listening and I have goose bumps and am on the verge of tears-simply beautiful)


Enhancing tension. Magic trick for children or adults. Children accept magic, adults need to know how its done. Imagine that it might work. Be responsible by understanding that it might not work. Embrace tension.

Hope and expectation. Without hope we don't accomplish. Optimistic about the possibilities. Expectation is the killer of Joy! As creators we must hope to keep ourselves going and denounce expectation. Learn to say here I made this. I hope it is worthwhile, but accept it may not be for everyone and make something else. This is a privilege to do.

No means someone has judged you. A story that is understood subjectively.  No is not about us. Maybe you need a better story. $5 walk up to someone and sell it for a $1. When people reject you they don't understand your story. It is our work it is not us, you must understand this. A professional works. They do their job or make art. Producing when we don't feel like it that is work. Our work is to make change happen, all news is good news good and bad.

Ira Glass, this American Life (a great Pod Cast) - most people who record with a shotgun microphone - a wireless microphone is invisible and you forget your are talking on the record. Tools get in the way you don't need them you just need to care. Steve Allen - 1st Tonight Show host. - woman didn't applaud only because she didn't have arms, don't focus on one person. Think about how you dance with no. Its ok and make better art for everyone else. Change This better work to This might work or it might not. Don't get trapped. Lighten up.

Depisado - "Don't eat the marshmallow."

Be comfortable with "This might work" and "This might not work" at the same time.

Change is only caused by passion. Create a swagger. Miles Davis x y axis.
Timid will never start. Reckless creates a pattern of failure, so they have nothing to loose.
neither tight nor loose
Center is the place where you can make art.

Stephen King. Where do you get all your bad ideas? Let all your ideas out, some good, some bad.
Ship your best idea to the market.

Make it easy for people to do something small. Lead people to believe that its ok to participate by starting small. Things that change people is slightly original. There are many things that work and we change one element to make a leap. But, you must be clear in what you are copying and which part is your idea.

Impresario, the woman who makes something happen, an arrogant act, this is very scarce, but we love it when this happens. Instigates. Causing change to happen. the word economy comes from the Latin word scarcity. We are use to Finite games. Infinite games are played to play not to win.
The act of leaping is an infinite act. Contribute to the network, hoping that the people within the network play along.

Ask why, then write down your answer. I predict... continually do this.

The trap of comparison!  What works for one person may not work for another. Compare to those who have never done what you do. Better yet don't compare. Who decides if your work didn't work? Don't let someone else decide if your work is a failure or not.

What does just mean? "Just Do It" it means only do it. don't think about it.

Try to change your idea of money. Credit: do anonymous work. ie: JR. photos

Working meditation. Walking meditation. (a walkabout) shomomarita
When thought arises, say thinking. Make better art...
When someone criticizes, say thank you and go back to work.

Special snowflakes, lol, we are all special.

Solvay conference 1926

Making a mistake is cheap and you can do it again. Ship the demo... scratching the itch makes the itch increase. Look for the itches and not scratch them ahhhhhhh!

The Wizard of OZ. Entire movie is about Dorothy. She is the leader. Anxiety is experiencing failure before it happens.

Cycles, call from your bosses boss... I'm going to dye. Shempa, triggers that start these cycles.

The Argument Clinic.  Monty Python. Lol

The Hallway is the moment we know if it is going to work or not going to work. The tension is unbearable. This is the moment at zero gravity. Along for the ride, not to get to the destination. Saltimore tale, leap into the depth abyss.

Big difference between being prepared and being ready.

You don't get credibility first, you get that last, don't look for the shortcut.

Acrazia, procrastination. trick yourself into doing things that are in your best interest.

Yack shaving. stop stalling. Commit to waiting on a regular bases. Small tasks that we finish. Fear and waiting are ways of not doing anything.

we avoid feedback, how are we going to get better without feedback.

Understanding Comics (book), they work different than any other form of medium. In the moment

Live a life where your habbit is the opportunity to be ncie.

You are not your career. Go make a ruckus, Namiste.


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