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When it comes to school projects I just can't help myself, I love to help my daughter. If she only let's me watch I let her bounce ideas off me and I often throw in my own ideas to make her think. Her most recent school project was a catapult she built with a partner and they worked hard on it. I also worked on my own version of the project in miniature format.  We then combined my plan with their supplies and basic structure. It turned out so well and I am proud of both of them. In my head I believe that's what parents are for. Teachers are to teach and parents are to help. They will be decorating the finished project this weekend before they turn it in next week. I will post a video, it is killer!! I miss my dad's wood shop, this would have been built in half the time with a power saw... : (

Recent Wired magazine talks about the new replicator 3-D printer. I could have used that to design a catapult on the computer and sent the final product to a desktop printer. Imagine that? I worked at a company that built water slides for most of the major waterparks in the world. They owned a 3-D printer and at the time I didn't think it was such a rarity. I come from a printing background and used one of the first dye sublimation printers and laser printers and digital cameras way before they became main stream. I was used to this high tech world and thought if you could think it, it existed or soon would. So now we will be able to buy this $2700 printer (less than the cost of my first computer - Mac II-si) and print out jewelry, lampshades, models, and coffee cups... what about the coffee??? This comforts me and urges me to go to the garage and take out the handsaw to help my daughter with her project.  It may be a last trip to the garage, next year we may just hit print!

Thank you and good night, and now my fairwell PEANUTS quote: 
"How you spend your time is very important..." - Lucy


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