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UTSA Football

On my way to watch a college football team that I am not a fan of...yet. A&M plays LSU today, now there's a game I'd like to see. But, it'll be good to support the local boys. The Roadrunners. That was the mascot of my grade school. I still have a Rogers Roadrunners sweatshirt stuffed into my cedar chest. Ahhh good old times...

Now have you heard of Austin Rehkow? No, we'll you soon will. He is a high school football player who just booted a 67 yard field goal to put the game in overtime. That is 4 yards longer than the recent NFL record by David Akers of the San Francisco 49ers. His team went on to win that game, and you can bet college scouts will be waiting!

PEANUTS: I always worry about the wrong things. - Charlie Brown

Presidential Debate

Ok, I'm late to post about this considering there was a blog up about the binders while it was still happening. The minute Romney said he had a binder full of women we knew it was going to be exploited. I myself have had many laughs because of it. I personally don't see anything wrong with using a binder. I have a binder of things I like, designs I might use, crafts I want to do and recipes. Besides cutting each other off and calling their rival a liar, not much new was said. I was surprised at the president's claim that they didn't know that our diplomat in Libya needed more protection?  If our government is not aware of what is going on over then we are in a sorry state. My favorite twitter feed during the campaign was after a comparison to George W. Bush, a satirical statement said Bush was going to come crashing through the ceiling to defend himself! - like a true super hero -

In news this morning Newsweek magazine is going only digital after the first of the year.…

Homework help

When it comes to school projects I just can't help myself, I love to help my daughter. If she only let's me watch I let her bounce ideas off me and I often throw in my own ideas to make her think. Her most recent school project was a catapult she built with a partner and they worked hard on it. I also worked on my own version of the project in miniature format.  We then combined my plan with their supplies and basic structure. It turned out so well and I am proud of both of them. In my head I believe that's what parents are for. Teachers are to teach and parents are to help. They will be decorating the finished project this weekend before they turn it in next week. I will post a video, it is killer!! I miss my dad's wood shop, this would have been built in half the time with a power saw... : (

Recent Wired magazine talks about the new replicator 3-D printer. I could have used that to design a catapult on the computer and sent the final product to a desktop printer. Ima…

school night

Ok, its Monday, and a school night so no talk of wine. Its been a tough day in the red light district so I will digress. Let me go to my twitter feed and pick out a subject.

Wow, this is interesting and sounds similar to an episode of Grays Anatomy I've seen. The world's first live-tweeted and live-instagrammed hearing restoration surgery will take place tomorrow, 10/22. The woman, Eleanor Day, 79, doesn't even have a twitter account, but her cochlear implant surgery was live this morning. The hospitals communications department is making this possible to raise awareness for hearing loss and how the surgery can repair this. It is happening at 7 a.m. and after only an hour to 2 hours it'll be over and Eleanor Day will be able to hear again after 5 years in silence. Good luck and happy training for those of you watching.

Today is the 30th birthday of the CD. And those are going the way of the cassette tape or have. The mp3 have rendered them archaic.However, my large adu…